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fuji astia 100f slide film review Vietnam memorial in new mexico

Fuji touts the advantages of its Astia color transparency film as being very fine grained and for having accurate reproduction of flesh tones. In my test of film I will agree that it does a very good job of showing skin tones without shifting the color to red (discussed in the section on Fuji Velvia 50).

If you are interested in portrait photography then this would be a great film. However, for everything else I find that Astia falls short. Everything other than Caucasian skin will come out looking drab with color missing. If I had never shot Fuji's Velvia line of films then I probably would not know any better. There seems to be something missing with the color of Astia. Most of my test shots came out with a sick green tint. My only recommendation for this film would be for portraiture only.

Fuji Sensia is almost identical to Fuji Astia as it is well known to be the consumer version of Astia.

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